3 tips for building sustainable homes

Building a home is a very labor-intensive work, but did you know that it can have a major impact on the environment? From the materials used to the actual process of home building, everything has a direct connection to the environment. If the right materials are not used, or the right steps are not taken when building a home, our environment may be affected severely. If you build a sustainable home, you will be able to contribute something positive to the environment. Here are some tips for building sustainable homes.


You can use environment-friendly and recycled materials to build your home. For example, you can mix old tyres with compacted soil to make strong outer walls of the house. You can use aluminum for constructing the interior walls of your home.

Energy efficiency

If you build a home that has most of its windows facing south then you will reduce your energy bills by 25%. In summer, especially, you will save a lot of energy as you won’t have to use your air conditioning much. You should make sure that there is no leak on the walls or windows. If you make the size of your house small then also you will be able to save energy. This is because you will need fewer materials to construct and less heat will be required to protect your home from cold weather. You can use the solar roof to make your home sustainable.

Use environment-friendly paints

You should check whether the paint has a low level of VOCs. You must consider using milk paint and latex paint. Lighter paint colors contain less VOCs, so these are safer to use.

By building a sustainable home you will be contributing lots of positive things to the environment. Many people are considering building an eco-friendly home to save this planet for the next generations.