Should You Settle for a Condo?

There really is a rise in urban living. As a matter of fact, it has paved the way for the surge in the number of apartments and condos. Most of them are just walking distance from restaurants, shops, bus stops, train stations, among others. Needless to say, more and more people are finding themselves busy with their lives. Since this is their situation, the idea to settle in a condo like the one found in does not seem like a bad idea at all.

The attractive perks of condominiums set them apart from the traditional house or apartments known to many. The option has indeed surpassed the benefits of traditional houses or apartments. If it is your first time to buy a condo, or if you are still deciding if it is a reasonable venture or not, there are advantages that you might want to learn about first. They would assist you in arriving at an informed decision. What are they?

Why Go for Condominiums?

There are so many reasons why you must think about pursuing a condo. If you are not fully decided, these are the considerations that you must ponder on:

  • One of the top most features is that it offers a high amount of security. There are tight measures when it comes to buildings and families would definitely find delight in them. Typically, there are units with pre-installed security add-ons including floor pass, locks and other kinds of security concerns which would be the answer to a relieving place to many.
  • Most of the time, floor passes or key cards are the best so that anyone would be prevented from entering a particular floor, especially if they did not seek permission. This is how the protection of properties and lives is elevated.
  • Maintenance is also another key factor to look upon. To own a traditional home or house would ask for a sole maintenance. This normally happens with the exterior and interior part of the structure. For instance, a person owns a lawn, the person would have to trim it down in order for it not to dry and die up. When a person lives in a unit, thinking about a leaking roof is unlikely to occur. There is someone who might be contacted in times of such.
  • Mortgage fees would have to be thought upon too. Here is the thing – traditional homes are always expensive. Of course, bigger families would require having more spaces. But then, to maintain a big home may sound impractical for some because there is still a need to handle mortgage fees and pays. For individuals who are up to smaller venues, owning a condo is a sound option.

Indeed, there are so many advantages in settling for a condominium. At the end of the day, it is up to you to make the most of the facility. Always look at your condition and know if it is going to work for you or not. Use it to your advantage!

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Residential Properties

Have you ever thought upon buying a property in Singapore? If yes, this can be a good investment decision. Indeed, Singapore is considered to be one of the leading countries in Asia. It will not be surprising if it occurs in the whole world too. As a matter of fact, this has driven a ton of investors mad. Each and every property offers a wide array of features, facilities and rooms. This is a chance to ensure that all locations located in Singapore is a place to prosper on.

The stability of the real estate industry in Singapore has attracted a ton of locals, investors and foreigners. These have all decided to purchase residential properties in the mentioned country. This comparison was updated on February, 2011.

Foreign ownership is possible in Singapore. This is when people from abroad are given the chance to own a property. This has been made into a law in the year 2005. Among the usual properties are condominium units and apartments. Once ownership is applied, it will be termed as strata titled properties. This is when approval is no longer necessary for the Singaporean government. But then, buying a property in Singapore would ask for a land which is made of houses and bungalows. The Housing Development Board cover the said features for foreigners which are not for Permanent Residents. These are also for not corporate bodies which may not be able to purchase an executive condominium which may originate from the open market. As this is the case, contacting the developer can be expected.

Why Should You Invest in Singapore?

These are some of the reasons why you must think about owning a property in Singapore. Consider all of these if you are one of these people who seek for such:

  • Looking for the most appropriate property in Singapore is the hardest part of it all, but it is possible. In order to succeed in this, it would help to get the help of professional real estate agents. This is a chance for you to make good use of them as much as you can.
  • Proper documentation of everything may be obtained with the right people. For sure, you can be certain that these people have the working knowledge as far as Singaporean real estate is concerned. The market may be studied this way too. As a matter of fact, it may even be simpler for you to make a choice.
  • When it comes to the selection of an agent, it is feasible for you to request for the recommendations of the Institute of Estate Agents. This is going to guide you in purchasing a property in Singapore. As this is the idea, it is crucial that you secure the assistance of solicitors if you have the chance.

Succeeding in this venture is not impossible. It would only take a matter of researching so that you may end up with the right one. Explore the real estate field of Singapore even more!

Biggest mistake new condo owners do unknowingly

It all starts with condos review, then you find one that wins your heart, you sign the Option to Purchase and years later get a call that your unit is receiving Temporary Occupation permit so you can start renovation work and prepare to move it. The roller-coaster of choosing the right furniture and the grand housewarming runs so fast leaving you venerable to mistake, just like a majority of other new condo owners in Singapore.

It’s typical that any time we something new, a car, phone or appliance we “stress test” it to see if there is an issue with it. Well, it’s the same case with your new condo. You will want to test the swimming pool, bath tabs, ovens and any other appliance in it. During this process, your new property falls at high risk of perils, which you are yet to insure.

In case these accidents occur, they might leave your condo flooded more so if you stay on the ground floor. If there is significant flooding, you risk getting your furniture, electrical appliances and flooring damaged.

During this few months, a lot of repairs happens either from you or your new neighbors. During this renovation cases such as water pipes burst, accidental fire or breakage cases are at the highest. If you are in a new development most people tend to assume the place is burglary proof, so not security systems mind changing old locks to new ones. If these happen, then you risk losing a lot of valuables such as jewelry and their expensive items you possess.

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Are condos insured by default?

Condo’s Management Corporation (MC) purchase insurance coverage for condominiums in common areas and buildings. This insurance is known as fire insurance, which also covers other perils besides fire including lighting, water pipes bursts, gas pipe explosion, smoke damage riots, etc.
It is, however, important to note that fire insurance only pays for reinstating damage to a home structure and its original fixture. This means that losses incurred on renovations, furniture, appliances and other content inside your home remain at risk.

To adequately cover your condominiums against perils, you, therefore, need to take home content insurance which covers items inside your homes. This, thus, complement the fire insurance. If you have spent $50,000 and $25,000 on furniture, you stand to incur an enormous loss in case these perils occur with only fire insurance. For costly items such as jewelry, you need to take more measures and cover them individually.

If you take your home content insurance, you have the responsibility of reviewing the policy regularly. Policies change over years, with a dollar value of items also changing drastically. If this happens and there is an occurrence of peril, your sum insured need to be up to date otherwise you risk not being compensated accordingly.
If you are moving to a new condo and plan to invest in furniture and renovation, then it’s wise to protect your home with sufficient insurance.

rivercove residences executive condo

Rivercove Residences: Luxury Residential Accommodation


Rivercove Residences is one of the most luxurious residential going to be launched soon in the upcoming year. It is one of the biggest projects of Hoi Hup Realty. Hoi Hup Realty is one of the biggest construction companies of Singapore whose last project Hundred Palms Residences is a huge success. According to news, its 100% of flats sold out in just 7 hours of opening the sales counter.

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This Anchorvale Lane EC is located on the best location of Sengkang and will be having about 635 flats overall. Hoi Hup Realty is serving the country for more than 34 years and is considered to be one of the most trustworthy construction companies whose brand name is just enough for considering about its work. According to reports, Hoi Hup Realty is the dominator of the two latest executive condominiums launched in the years 2017 and 2018.

According to government master plan, this wonderful executive condominium is going to have all most 10 blocks including about 16 stories in each. Lavishing and well furnished three to five-bedroom type flats are just more than enough according to the needs of a normal family today. If you are willing to book your luxurious home Singapore in one of the most luxurious and lavished location; then don’t miss the opportunity and grab it as the sales counter open ups. It is one of the most wonderful deals which you surely going to enjoy more in future too.


What makes the Rivercove Residences EC luxurious?

Rivercove Residences EC is located in the most luxurious and best locality of Sengkang i.e. Anchorvale Lane. It is one of the highest bidder lanes of Sengkang which includes all most all of the best facilities of the city nearer to it. It is the best place for entertainment, shopaholics, athletes, sportspersons, and much more. Various shopping malls, best shops,  educational centers, hospitals, parks and much more resides nearer to this wonderful executive condominium which adds more to its features.

Another best thing about Rivercove EC is the presence of river Sungei Punggol nearer to it. This wonderful site is a mature residential estate which is very much closer to the town. Nan Chiau Primary school which is at almost 1 KM distance to it, Anchorvale Community Club, Sengkang Sports Center, Compass One, Seletar Mall, Sengkang General Hospital, and much more are some of the best amenities that add more to make it more luxurious place.


What is the floor plan of Rivercove Residences EC?

The site plan for Rivercove Residences EC is near about 17,196 sq meters, which means that quite larger area which can also include a playground, part and much more along with the main construction works. This amazing executive condominium is considered to have 10 blocks of about 16 stories each which will include near about 635 flats of three to five bedroom types flat. Rivercove EC is also considered to have swimming pools, tennis courts, balconies, Jims and much more inside it so that the people could get more comfort.

3 challenges you may face with home remodeling

Home remodeling can give you the feel and look of a new house. It can also increase the value of your home. However, the task is not that easy. Here are some challenges you might face while remodeling your home.

Not having a realistic budget

Remodeling can turn out to be a very expensive project if you don’t create a realistic budget for it. Underestimating the cost of remodeling can become troublesome. You might end up having a shortage of money to complete your project. So, make sure you talk to a professional contractor and make a proper budget for the project.

Lack of communication

After you hire a contractor for the remodeling project you should make sure that the contractor is always available when you try to communicate with him. The communication should be both ways. If the contractor is making any change in the project, he should consult with you. You should also know from time to time the progress of the project.

Not finishing on time

If the project is delayed for any reason, your cost will go up. So, before you start your project, you need to make sure that you have the plan ready. All the materials needed for construction should be at hand as well.

It is important to hire a good contractor for your remodeling work. Someone who is experienced will know the job well and will be able to complete your project on time and within the budget.

3 tips for building sustainable homes

Building a home is a very labor-intensive work, but did you know that it can have a major impact on the environment? From the materials used to the actual process of home building, everything has a direct connection to the environment. If the right materials are not used, or the right steps are not taken when building a home, our environment may be affected severely. If you build a sustainable home, you will be able to contribute something positive to the environment. Here are some tips for building sustainable homes.


You can use environment-friendly and recycled materials to build your home. For example, you can mix old tyres with compacted soil to make strong outer walls of the house. You can use aluminum for constructing the interior walls of your home.

Energy efficiency

If you build a home that has most of its windows facing south then you will reduce your energy bills by 25%. In summer, especially, you will save a lot of energy as you won’t have to use your air conditioning much. You should make sure that there is no leak on the walls or windows. If you make the size of your house small then also you will be able to save energy. This is because you will need fewer materials to construct and less heat will be required to protect your home from cold weather. You can use the solar roof to make your home sustainable.

Use environment-friendly paints

You should check whether the paint has a low level of VOCs. You must consider using milk paint and latex paint. Lighter paint colors contain less VOCs, so these are safer to use.

By building a sustainable home you will be contributing lots of positive things to the environment. Many people are considering building an eco-friendly home to save this planet for the next generations.

4 reasons renting a house is better than buying one

Not everyone has the financial strength to buy a house. Investing in a house is a long-term commitment and unless you have a secured job and some good amount of savings, you won’t be able to afford to buy a house. But it doesn’t mean the end of the world. Renting a house is a good option and sometimes even people having the ability to buy a house prefer renting one instead. These are the reasons why renting house is a better choice than buying it.

Cheaper option than buying a home

Even if you get a mortgage, you will need to pay an upfront down payment. This is a huge amount and can be difficult to manage. Your savings will be stuck up in the house and you won’t be able to free up your money unless you sell the house. The monthly mortgage payments are also expensive. So, a major portion of your monthly expense will go into paying for your mortgage payments.

No maintenance hassles

If you buy a house, you will need to take care of all its maintenance requirements. It is a very crucial job and you may have to spend a lot of time maintaining your home. If your HVAC system breaks down or there is a leak in the pipe, you will have to fix it. Sometimes, the maintenance cost can be expensive.

Offers flexibility

You might lose your job or go through a personal crisis for which your financial condition may deteriorate. In such cases, you can shift to a smaller house if you rent a house without any difficulty. You might have to move to a new location for your new job as well.  Once you are a homeowner, you will find it very difficult to sell your house on a short notice.

No risk

There is always the risk of decreasing property value. Buying a property is a big investment and you will put all your savings at risk. Instead, you can keep your savings in a bank and enjoy the interest. There is no risk of losing your capital.

Sometimes, it can be a better decision to rent a house than buying one. You should consider your financial condition and need before buying a property.